Leaves Children Family Photo Shanghai

As the leaves begin to turn, it’s a great time to get shots of your kids with the leaves. In addition to the normal shots of them running or jumping in a piles of leaves, a great shot also comes from having them throw leaves in the air.

If you’ve ever attempted this shot you’ll find it’s not always so easy to pull off. Often you will just get a clump of leaves smacking them in the face.

The trick to making these shots work is to use relatively small handfuls of leaves (or a parent throwing leaves from off camera in the case of smaller children). You’re not trying to cover them in leaves. You just need enough to interest the kids and to have the leaves spread out in the air above them.

Use a fast shutter speed and somewhere in the neighborhood of an f/4 aperture. Shoot on continuous mode so you can catch both the best expression on the kids’ faces and several positions of the leaves as they fall.

Once you’re back from the shoot, you can load the sequence of pictures as layers in Photoshop and use the clone stamp tool to add more leaves in the air as desired.

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